Fun In The Clouds by Jean Hills

 It was Sunday afternoon; Mr. and Mrs. Grey Cloud were out for a ride with their three children, Fluffy, Raindrop and Snowy. Fluffy was way out in front dancing about in the blue sky, for she was very beautiful and wanted the people down on earth to look at her and see how lovely she was, Raindrop her sister was floating behind her, when she grew up she would have to work hard to make rain so that we can have lots of vegetables and lovely flowers. Now Snowy their elder brother was very clever and he wanted to be a snow cloud, this meant he had to work very, very hard, for to be a snow cloud was the most difficult of all.

On this lovely day Mr. Wind had sent a gentle breeze and the clouds had been floating for miles, meeting a great many of their friends on the way. Mr. and Mrs. Black Cloud and their horrible twins Thunder and Grumble, also Mr. and Mrs. White Cloud and their very prim and proper daughter, Silver Lining. They were now approaching the Ice-cream Cloud and of course all the children wanted one and as it was such a lovely day, Mr. and Mrs. Grey Cloud bought everyone a extra big cornet.

Now Mr. and Mrs Grey Cloud and the other grown up Clouds decided to have a rest,

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